Volume 1 Issue 2

Journals for Volume 1 Issue 2

  1. Studies on the Effect of some Cereal Binders on the Hardness Values of Cast Aluminium Alloys (Al – 12%Si) — John Ukwenya1 , Francis Audu Idoko , John Ekere Ameh
  2. Observational Study of the Use of Seat Belt among Vehicle Drivers in Selected Cities of North Central Nigeria — J. D. Amine, O. M. Injor and O. K. Iyah

  3. The Potential of Bio-Coal Briquettes in Nigeria— Elvis T. Usaka, Aondona Kwaghgher, and Alex O. Edeoja
  4. Effect of Cutting Parameters on Surface Roughness of Stainless Steel during Turning Operation — Ipilakyaa, T. D., Gbashi, S. M., Omenka, I. K., 4Okwori, E. A. and Uche, R. B.
  5. Investigation of Mechanical and Physical Properties of Palm Kernel Shell (PKS)/Palm Kernel Fibre (PKF) Polyester Matrix Reinforced Composites — Sebastine A, Bam, Oryina M. Injor
  6. Effect of Extraction Method on the Functional Properties of Oils of
    Selected Oilseeds as Potential Feedstock for Biodiesel Production
    — S. M. Gbashi, I. K. Omenka, K. N. Nwankwo
  7. Experimental Investigation of Interactions of CO2-Brine-Silica Sand and their Implications on CO2 Sequestration — Rabiu, K.O., Han, L, Das, D.B
  8. Design of a Solar-assisted lawnmower with an Arduino-based Mobile Application control system — F. Ocholi, I. Agom, R. Koldim, and A. O. Edeoja
  9. Optimization of Energy Required in Local Rice Processing in Benue State –Yahnathan O. Ofoegbu, Alex O. Edeoja, Jacob S. Ibrahim, Ondoma Adokwu
  10. Geochemical Assessment of Groundwater of Shelleng and Environs, Adamawa State, North Eastern Nigeria — B. A. Ankidawa, P.A. Dauda, A.M. Inuwa, and A. A. Suleiman