Volume 1 ISSUE 1

  1. A New Approach of Magnetic Field Interaction for Energy Harvesting: Concept and Principle  — S. T. Yusuf1, W. N. Dansarki, J. S. Mboli , D. T. Agbu , Y. P. Mshelia
  2. Positional Control of a Robotic Arm Using PWM Signals –Y. P. Mshelia , S. T. Yusuf , D. T. Agbu, L. O. Agidike
  3. A Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Based Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Converter System — M Abdulkadir and S. T. Yusuf
  4. An Appraisal of the Effectiveness of Due Process in the Procurement of Construction Projects in Nigeria: A Case Study of Taraba State — Bala, M. A , Oraegbune M.O , Namala K.
  5. Mathematical Modelling of Coefficient of Discharge for Rectangular Weirs with Various Widths and Heights — S. Munta , J.M. James, F. Abel and F. G. Ngasoh
  6. Analysis of Energy Thickness of Flow over Various Stepped Chute Geometries — S. Munta , J. M. James and P. A. Dauda
  7. Effect of Waste Glass as Partial Replacement for Coarse Aggregates in Concrete — J. M James, A. Ocholi and S. Munta
  8. Electric Motor Power Consumption Characteristics and Energy Savings: Revisited — S. T. Yusuf, W. N. Dansarki, J. S. Mboli, D. T. Agbu
  9. Evaluation of Concrete Quality Control Practices on Building Sites in North-Eastern Nigeria — Emmanuel, B. F., Bala, M. A., Hyalaba, G., Z.
  10. Development and Testing of an Electrochemical Sensor for Detection of Nitrate in Water –M.B Kamai, C.C Mbajiorgu M.Okechuku
  11. Study of Corrosion Inhibition of Moringa Oleifera Leaves Extract Blended With Soluble Oil on Mild Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Solution — Bam, S. Aondover, Akaaza J., and Tile, J. M.
  12. Effect of Cassava and Guinea Corn Starch on Atserem Stream Foundry Sand — Injor, O. M., Edeoja, A. O., T. A.
  13. The Effect of Cassava Starch Solution on the Thermal Conductivities of Selected Biomass — Matthew E., Alex O. E., Samuel G.
  14. Investigation of the Properties of Makurdi, Buruku and Katsina-Ala Silica Sand Deposits For Glass Production — Akaaza J.N., Bam, S. A., and Iortsor, A.