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The Taraba Journal of Engineering, and Technology (TAJET) is a peer reviewed journal with the objectives to develop and explore the knowledge of Engineering design, science and technology. TAJET is a platform to keep researchers and Practitioners informed on current and trending issues around the world. TAJET is published by the faculty of Engineering, Taraba State University, Jalingo-Nigeria.

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p-ISSN: 2636-7386| e-ISSN: 2659 – 1278


Current Issues 

Volume 2 No 2 TAJET  Taraba Journal of Engineering and Technology


Design and Construction of an Automatic Water Level Control (AWLC) System. Lawrence Ochonu Agidike, Stephen Awar Atoza, Paul Ushiki Adamu,Tsoken Agbu Dauda and Amos Abel Noku

Development of an Apparatus for Measuring Coefficient of Friction of Crops. Akila Bardey Istifanus, Nicholas Oliver Namessan and Tanko Bako

Hydraulic Conductivity Behaviour of Compacted Crude Oil Contaminated Soil Treated with Bacillus licheniformis for use as Liner
Material in Waste Containment System. Ijimdiya, T. S., Alhassan, M. K. and Singh, R. M.

An Unblinded Study of the Physiological Effects of Moringa Tea and Coffee on Pulse in Young Adult Nigerians.
Lydia J. Jilantikiri, Callistus Ezenwaka, Suleiman Abimbola Yahaya, Taiye Mary Ajibola, Kareem Adeyemi Akande, Ayo Toye

Dynamic Analysis of Epoxy Reinforced Jute Composite. Kabir Lawal, Tajudeen Kolawole Bello, Muhammad Tijani Isa and
Mustapha Nma. Abubakar.

Factors Limiting the Performance of Indigenous Contracting Firms in North Eastern Nigeria – A Case Study of Gombe State.
Oraegbune, Ojiako Marcel and Haruna Amos Chom

Assessment of Pedestrian Facilities in Sabon Gari Local Government Area, Kaduna State. Pentagna Thomas Ijimdiya

An Assessment of Factors Influencing Foremen Productivity on Construction Sites in Abuja Metropolis, Nigeria.
Soji, S. M, Yakubu, S. A, Balami, C. A and Oraegbune, O. M.


Volume 2 Issue 2 Batch 2



A Proposed Model for the Use of Technology in Managing Sickle Cell Disease in Children between the Ages of Five to Fifteen. Anas I. Usman, Mohammed Kabir Dauda, Aliyu Umar, John Godwin, Yahya Saidu, and Salihu H. Joda

A Quick Review on the Impact of Computer Technology in the Management of Hypertension among Adult Patients. Anas I. Usman, Yahya Saidu, Aliyu Umar1, Rita Haggai, Mohammed Kabir Dauda, and Salihu H. Joda

Assessment of Groundwater Source and Quality of Nukkai Flood Plain for Irrigation Purpose, Jalingo, Taraba State, Nigeria. F. G. Ngasoh, B. A. Ankidawa, P. D. Awhari, M. B. Kamai and N. Titiya

Design of a Dual-Band Antenna for Connectorized Ap Radios Applications. Terry Bonchak, Ephraim S. Kalau and Abijah G. Mamman

Development and Characterization of Odogi Clay/Epoxy Nanocomposites for Electronics Packaging. Ayorinde T.O., Owa A. F. and Umunakwe, R.

Application of Look-Ahead Cat Swarm Optimization in Improving Cloud Consumer Quality of Service (QoS) Requirements Satisfaction. Yahaya Saidu, Anas I. Usman, Abdulhakim Ibrahim, Aliyu Umar, and Islamiyyat Oluwatosin Yusuf

Development of Mobile Application for Parental Guidance and Security. Terry Bonchak  and Noku Amos Abel

Software Process Improvement and Estimation: A Systematic Literature Review. Anas Usman Inuwa, Mohammed Kabir Dauda, Maryam Abdullahi Musa, and Abdulmajid Babangida Umar.

Evaluating Artificial Intelligence Search Algorithms on Shiva Dara Game. Yahaya Saidu, Siyani Ezra Dogo, Anas I. Usman, John S. Wejin and Tirmizi Mohammed

Contingency Analysis Using a Developed Indexed-Based Technique for Placement of UPFC for Nigeria Transmission Network. Sambo Kurutsi and Terry Bonchak

Performance Evaluation of a Trapezoidal Box-type Solar Cooker Fabricated using Locally-sourced Materials in Jalingo. Abutu, J., Kojeng F., Ahmadu, A. A., Salawu, S. I., Medupin, R. O.

Suggested from Other Previous Issues

Studies on the Effect of some Cereal Binders on the Hardness Values of Cast Aluminium Alloys (Al – 12%Si) — John Ukwenya1 , Francis Audu Idoko , John Ekere Ameh

Observational Study of the Use of Seat Belt among Vehicle Drivers in Selected Cities of North Central Nigeria — J. D. Amine, O. M. Injor and O. K. Iyahen

The Potential of Bio-Coal Briquettes in Nigeria— Elvis T. Usaka, Aondona Kwaghgher, and Alex O. Edeoja

Effect of Cutting Parameters on Surface Roughness of Stainless Steel during Turning Operation — Ipilakyaa, T. D., Gbashi, S. M., Omenka, I. K., 4Okwori, E. A. and Uche, R. B.

Investigation of Mechanical and Physical Properties of Palm Kernel Shell (PKS)/Palm Kernel Fibre (PKF) Polyester Matrix Reinforced Composites — Sebastine A, Bam, Oryina M. Injor

Effect of Extraction Method on the Functional Properties of Oils of
Selected Oilseeds as Potential Feedstock for Biodiesel Production
— S. M. Gbashi, I. K. Omenka, K. N. Nwankwo

Experimental Investigation of Interactions of CO2-Brine-Silica Sand and their Implications on CO2 Sequestration — Rabiu, K.O., Han, L, Das, D.B

Design of a Solar-assisted lawnmower with an Arduino-based Mobile Application control system — F. Ocholi, I. Agom, R. Koldim, and A. O. Edeoja

Optimization of Energy Required in Local Rice Processing in Benue State –Yahnathan O. Ofoegbu, Alex O. Edeoja, Jacob S. Ibrahim, Ondoma Adokwu

Geochemical Assessment of Groundwater of Shelleng and Environs, Adamawa State, North Eastern Nigeria — B. A. Ankidawa, P.A. Dauda, A.M. Inuwa, and A. A. Suleimanu

Study of Corrosion Inhibition of Moringa Oleifera Leaves Extract Blended With Soluble Oil on Mild Steel in Hydrochloric Acid Solution — Bam, S. Aondover, Akaaza J., and Tile, J. M.

Effect of Cassava and Guinea Corn Starch on Atserem Stream Foundry Sand — Injor, O. M., Edeoja, A. O., T. A.

The Effect of Cassava Starch Solution on the Thermal Conductivities of Selected Biomass — Matthew E., Alex O. E., Samuel G.

Investigation of the Properties of Makurdi, Buruku and Katsina-Ala Silica Sand Deposits For Glass Production — Akaaza J.N., Bam, S. A., and Iortsor, A.